About Us

Bark­er Hume Homes is a fam­i­ly-owned busi­ness, start­ing in Alice Springs over 20 years ago. Our pro­fes­sion­al build­ing back­ground with a com­bined expe­ri­ence of over 100 years gives us great insight into all aspects of the build­ing indus­try, result­ing in a prod­uct sup­ply that stream­lines your on-site expe­ri­ence. We are proud to say we are locals — employ­ing locals, sup­port­ing local sup­pli­ers, involved with the local community.

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Our Capa­bil­i­ties & Services

Our work­shop can meet your steel­work needs — mig and tig welders, plas­ma pro­file cut­ting, flash­ing fold­er, pan brake, iron­work­ers for shear­ing and punch­ing, 200-tonne press brake with a 4‑metre bed, guil­lo­tin­ing, sheet roller (1200mm), tube bend­ing. In-house detail­ing and shop draw­ings for your project.